Innovative Mobile App Security Solutions

Designed to reduce risk of data breach
AI-Powered Testing & Human Reviews approach

Why testing mobile app security?

Testing the security of mobile apps is important to protect sensitive user data from cyber threats, make sure you comply with data protection regulations, and keep user trust and brand integrity in an ever-growing digital world.

At Mobisec, we believe that users and businesses deserve smart devices that are secure and private.

Mobisec DSA Platform

Security and privacy are values shared by most people. Unfortunately, coding mobile apps can be hard. Many breaches in security and compliance happen by accident.

That’s why we created Mobisec DSA, a platform to verify the security of mobile apps, help developers meet the highest standards and take care of their users and businesses. DSA works at such a deep level that it finds vulnerabilities due to software design, code development and component interactions.


Deep and technology-agnostic

We designed Mobisec DSA to be independent from the app technology. It works from inside the kernel of the operating system.

This means that Mobisec can handle all types of mobile software: native, hybrid apps, mobile web and service libraries.


Automatic and still human

Mobisec DSA automates all the interactions between a mobile user and your app. We can test it any number of times, without additional delay and cost.

A security expert reviews the findings of the testing robot, eliminating false positives and enhancing the report with critical details to aid your prioritization.


Fit your development process

You receive the test results in all the formats you need.

Something ready to become Jira tickets? Done. A CSV for a quick pass on Excel? Covered. A PDF to be emailed, printed or archived? We got you.


Always with you and your developers

We go beyond the traditional report. Our security engineers stay in touch with your developers.

We help with prioritizing the work and choosing the right option to improve the code. Then re-test the new release and update your global security score.


Do you want to know more about the use cases for which Mobisec was designed?

Schedule a free security briefing with a Mobisec expert.

We help you determine the best way to assess and enhance your app security. We perform black box app testing. This means you don’t share any internal information with us.

Mobisec Components

Critical parts of the testing lifecycle.

Device agent

A Kernel extension that monitors everything in the device under test.

Event service

A service that receives and stores all the events reported by the device agent.

Matching engine

A smart service that contains all the knowledge about mobile security. This component performs the pattern matching to find unsafe behaviors and potential vulnerabilities.

Reporting service

Ideal for organizing the findings and generate the report in many formats. You can get the traditional PDF and any format to generate tickets in Jira or any other tools.

“We apply our ethical hacking principle:
think and explore like an attacker, share the findings in an actionable way.”