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Mobisec Dynamic Analysis

The spearhead of the company: a custom software made of client and server components capable of deep analysis of all the behaviour of the applications installed on the devices.

The client is a kernel extension capable of running on iOS and Android devices that analyses a single app at a time, recording every byte it manages.

The server is built in Java, Python and CLI and receives, stores and analyzes the information the client provides.

On Board Component

Most data acquisition are managed with http referrer proprietary analytics systems. Most active protection on mobile Apps are custom coded solutions that need a lot of configuration management and application releases. Mobisec OBC is a light, highly customisable library that can manage different purposes: from customer profiling, to active security, to technical troubleshooting to live monitoring, to in-app business or security intelligence. Directly in and from the device. With an eye on battery draining and resources usage. Online and offline. In any case.

less data redundancy

useful information usually unmanaged

major business applications tested

problems found in MDMs already in use

bad configurations corrected

Mobile Device Management Security Assessment

The market offers different solutions to provide greater flexibility to the Enterprise world, but often opts for the most restrictive choices. Trying to secure enterprise data in this way leads to a drastic reduction of actual mobile productivity, due to the lack of necessary permits to operate independently.

Mobisec tested all the MDMs and MAMs in the market and is capable of finding the best choice and setup to optimize data security and UX.