We are an experienced team (more than 20 years on the field) in the ICT Italian and international scenario.

Each of us from different experiences of consulting, system integration, digital communication, security assessment and security analysis. We are long-term professionists, working in the Italian and international market (USA, Latam, Europe, India, Asia), grown up within the biggest international tech and consulting companies.

We have engineered and perfectioned in our product all the know-how and the competence that the market always appreciate on our professional standing. Our competencies, combined to trustworthiness, joined the concreteness of the solution with the guarantee and forsight of a enterpreneurial legacy amongst the first in Italy and Europe.

This union wanted to give life to a new startup, strongly committed to mark a sign in the tech world.

Mobisec is not only a product, it is the inheritance of a new approach to competence, to experience, to technology, in order to be able to create something new and unique, through a mix between functional creativity and service innovation for the business in the mobile channel.

Mobisec Italia is an Italian startup born in april 2017. The first product has been engineered and implemented since early 2016, by Alberto Zannol (Product Officer, CEO) and Alessandro Nepoti (technical leader and CTO).
In the last months of 2017 after several months of study and prototyping, the final candidate was released.
The company was founded with an industrial strategic partner and now it is operating in the market with the first product Mobisec Security Analysis.